From the outside looking in…

There is a lot of talk about teacher evaluations. The public likes to criticize teachers and claim they are getting overpaid and being underworked. One of the things popping up in the talk surrounding new teacher evaluation systems is outside observers coming in to do the evaluations on teachers, up to 4 times a year. I feel that this method might work for evaluators to give an impartial judgment of the teachers. However, does this method really offer the best evaluation of a teacher? Will an outside observer be able to note that I come in early every day to prepare my classroom and my lessons while other teachers barely make it in the door by the time the first bell rings? Will these evaluators be able to observe my commitment to working with students outside of the normal school hours in student council and after-school tutoring? Will these evaluators see the relationships that are formed with students and the care and compassion that are shown to them throughout the day? How about an evaluator to follow me home at night and on the weekends to see how many hours I put in writing lesson plans and grading student work?

Granted, promptness to school, involvement in extracurriculars, caring for students, etc. are not necessarily what makes someone a good teacher. I can still teach the content during the school day and receive a high evaluation on my teaching of that content. But I want to be a GREAT teacher. And to me that means putting in 110% for my kids. I care for my students and treat them with respect and dignity AND teach the content. Evaluate that.

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2 thoughts on “From the outside looking in…

  1. I agree. No one, even my principal knows the number of hours that I put into both sponsoring the yearbook and lesson planning. But sometimes it would be nice to have the option of an off site evaluator if you have an on site principal who hates you.

  2. How many hoops must I jump through to prove I am committed to sharing my knowledge of my craft with my students? When students stop signing up for my class,stop coming by during the day, deadlines stop being met, and I stop taking them to contests and workshops. Then, and only then, should an evaluator ask me if I am doing my job. Now, the teacher who strolls in at the bell and is in the mix leaving at the last bell…. Maybe they are time shifting and working at home on their lessons. If not, let them take over my lunch duty and I will use that time to work with my kiddos some more as that is when I am happiest.

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