How Do You Evaluate THIS?

We were in a faculty meeting, actually a professional development meeting, figuring out (and agonizing over, to be honest) test scores.

One particular student came into the conversation. Little T is an underdeveloped ninth grader whose test scores–and grades–are terrible.

Nobody can seem to get him to do–or turn in–any work. No one can seem to help him focus enough to do well on a standardized test. He’s dragging down our school test scores! He’s a mess!

Well, just as we are leaving the meeting, well after school is over, who should be standing in the hall but T!

He stops me as I exit the room and says, “Guess where I’ve been!”

“Tell me!” I say.

“I’ve been to after-school tutoring!”

“Well, how did it go?” I ask.

“I did great!” he said, beaming all over the place.

There are many things to celebrate here. He went to tutoring. He did a good deal of work there. He enjoyed it.

And he trusted me enough, and cared enough about it and about me, to share his joy.

That’s a win, ladies and gentlemen. Yes, we won’t see that on our school testing averages and maybe we won’t even see much change in the grades. But for T–and for me–it was an important gain.

Who’s going to record an evaluation on THAT?


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