Teacher Feedback

In every profession, employees are evaluated yearly on their job performance. Teaching is no exception. Since I teach in the catholic school system in the city of Chicago, I, too, undergo yearly evaluations. However, unlike sme of my colleagues and friends in public schools, I will never be granted tenure in my school system. The Archdiocese simply does not have a tenure system. Teachers are hired on a year-to-year contract basis. Basically, if the school feels you are not doing a good job, you will not be asked back and offered a contact for the next school year. This does happen, even to teachers who have been teaching at the same school for years.
I feel that this method of yearly contracts and teacher evaluations keeps me on my toes. I have to make sure that I am giving my best and doing my best every single day. We have unscheduled classroom walkthroughs completed by the principal that account for the markings on our evaluations. Evaluations are helpful in understanding what I am doing well and in what areas I need to improve upon.

What are your thoughts regarding evaluations? How do they work in your school?


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