iPad = The Future?

My principal is very interested in keeping current with the latest technology. He recently purchased iPads for all the department chairmen in our school. As a chairman, I have been tasked with learning how to use the iPad in my role as chairman and in the classroom. As chairman, the iPad has been great for taking notes in meetings and observations. It has also given me the option of videotaping lesson segments and of taking pictures of board work and objectives. The connection to my calendar and emails has also helped me to keep track of my schedule.

As a chairman, the iPad has been great. But as a high school math teacher, I am still trying to figure out how I can apply the iPad to my classroom. I’ve been able to use apps for attendance and participation. I have taken some video of my students explaining their work at the board. When I first received the iPad, I thought it was going to magically fit into my classroom routine, but it hasn’t.

I often feel like certain technology is great for some areas of education and not others. For example, my preschooler loves playing learning games on my iPad. She just soaks in the knowledge from it. There are great games for reading and math for her age group. She is engaged and excited about learning, but the same doesn’t hold true for my students. I have not found many apps that make learning high school mathematics engaging for a high school student. Hopefully, there will be more apps in the future. Maybe, online textbooks with media and graphics will be the answer.

I wonder how a class set of iPads would work in a high school math class. Would the students be more engaged to take notes? Would having easy access to websites make a difference? I would love to see a class set in action.


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