Making learning fun

About a year ago, I was finishing up my graduate program in Instructional Technology. The last class I was taking was an action research class. I loved the class because it was practical and relevant to my teaching. I had to develop an action research project and actually carry out my plan and collect research.
My project centered on how interactive games impact student learning. I focused solely on vocabulary lessons and games for the purpose of the research study. I had heard so much about how smart boards increase student learning, interactive games are the future, etc. I wanted to conduct the research for myself and see what the results were.
I conducted presurveys, collected the data, and did post surveys with my students.
I discovered that the use of interactive games only resulted in a very small increase in the vocabulary test scores. I also discovered that the students really enjoyed the games and liked being able to play them in school to learn their vocabulary and use them at home as review.
While I had hoped for a more significant increase in test scores while using the interactive games, I was not disappointed in the results. I am glad I found something fun to use with my students in the classroom that they really enjoyed.
What about you? What fun things do you do to increase the fun factor in your classroom?


One thought on “Making learning fun

  1. I find story is an excellent way to increase the fun factor in learning. Whether a true historical situation or simply a made up scenario this speaks to students far more than a boring formulaic lesson. As a student when I’m in a lecture and hear the words “take this for example…” followed by an interesting anecdote suddenly the teacher and students are all on the same page.

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