Technology, the new disciplinary measure for violent schools

Technology will dramatically change the way home schooling occurs. Not only will the quality of home schooling improve as technology is implemented, the quantity of parents choosing home schooling will increase and even school districts may pursue home schooling as an option for students who are socially/emotionally unprepared for the classroom setting. Another child who may opt for home schooling is the victim of bullying.

The child who is constantly bullied despite the school’s best efforts is a prime example of a child who can benefit from home schooling. So to would be the perpetrators of such inexcusable behavior.

Home schooling can be tailored more easily to the individual than what a classroom educator can do with 17-33 children in the room. Some inner city classes have been known to have as much as 45. Not much individualized instruction can happen in that setting.  Home schooling can be personalized to a child’s and in some cases to society’s specific needs.

The trouble maker: The child that is or should be suspended can now do lessons at home. School no longer stops when punishments are handed out. Teachers have control over their class and students who want to be in school with their friends will be. Those who are out of school need to be monitored and technology can certainly do that. Mom and Dad may have to miss work, stay home and parent their child. I doubt they would like that, suspect the family income may suffer, and what better way to get parents involved insuring their child behaves well and does their work.

Use of already existing technology such us Blackboard and Moodle are the keys to increasing parental involvement with non-engaged parents and the solution for unruly children who in these modern times school districts are afraid to discipline.


2 thoughts on “Technology, the new disciplinary measure for violent schools

  1. Teleschooling was on the front page of the Des Moines Register this morning. Iowa Democrats are calling for the Attorney General to block it. You make powerful points in its favor. Good post!

  2. I’ve been moonlighting for four years for a state virtual academy using the curriculum and I totally concur. Among secondary students, there is a large population of those who were harassed and bullied in other schools (as well as special ed kids). And there is a fair amount of students in “school of last resort,” those who broke the rules so badly that they could no longer attend school. Online schooling is a good choice for both, especially when it’s a free public virtual charter school.

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