Technology Enriching Student Discussions

It is amazing how putting a livescribe pen in the hands of students sparks a rich discussion. Livescribe pens record both your voice and the words that you write in a special notebook. I gave the pens to my Advanced Placement Computer Science class. They are generally a quiet bunch. Even when working in pairs, they say very little. The livescribe pens changed the dynamic of their discussions. I gave them a set of guiding discussion questions that they needed to thouroughly discuss prior to completing an AP free response problem. Using the pens, they documented their answers to the questions and discussed their approach to solving the problem. The technology was a tool that helped them to focus their discussion. Recording the discussion motivated the students to be thoughtful and to respond to each other’s thinking. It is amazing how technology can change the students perception of a task. Something as simple as discussing a problem becomes fun and worthwhile all because of a technology twist.


2 thoughts on “Technology Enriching Student Discussions

  1. My favorite part about online classes was the discussion boards. They always brought out really thoughtful answers and we had great discussions. What form does the pen put the recorded info into? How do students use it after the discussion?

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