The Enemy Within

In three prior posts I have demonstrated how Charter Schools and the Privatization movement result in higher taxes, more government bureaucracy, and failure in its objective to raise academic achievement.

So why does this movement persist?

One theory is that politicians have become more enamored with breaking unions than they have been with educating children. Wisconsin is the poster child for that story. Another reason is that business’s hold on education has become pervasive. We have seen the purpose of education change in recent years. Instead of education as a path toward good citizenship as a constitution honoring citizen, the goal of education has become to raise good corporate citizens. Education’s job is to enable individuals to participate in our economy, not in our style of government.

An example of this is Newt Gringrich’s rise in the poll. Prior to this election, a politician guilty of ethics violations would not have a serious shot at winning his party’s nomination. Just a few months ago a disgusting and sad figure of a man, Anthony Weiner, was forced from office. How is it that Newt with his congressional ethics violations, his hypocrisy, absence of morality and empathy, is any less of a bad example than Anthony Weiner?

And does Newt know best? His idea for those receiving unemployment compensation is to have them retrained in order to maintain eligibility to collect unemployment compensation. The government in essence becomes the tool of business in engineering our population into a viable work force. Gone is the free choice of choosing your career. (Sounds like big government to me). Frankly, as a laid off teacher pursuing full time employment in a new district, laid off along with 1500 others, (the numbers continue to rise in Philadelphia as nurses are now being laid off as well)(another public school district being dismanteled), I find his solutions to be exactly the opposite of what the Republican Party says it believes in. But then again, do we really ever know what a politician believes? Heck, Gringrich, Santorum, Paul, and Obama will all tell us they believe in children while at the same time advocating for policies which have been proven to be not in the best interests of children. They value public education while they abandon it. They preach freedom and choice while Gingrich seeks to turn all us into peons controlled by government in our jobs, and Santorum would control our lifestyles, and both seek to control our loyalties. The United States is threatened from within in ways it has never been threatened when our enemies were external. I wish I could be certain that no matter who wins we would not be heading in the wrong direction, but my biggest fear is that train has left the station and is rolling downhill.


P.S. More about Newt’s bad idea.

Cisco Inc. knows employment can be cyclical. When Cisco laid off 6000 employees they offered them 1/3 of their salary plus benefits and stock options, promised them they’d be first in line to be rehired when economic fortunes and the company’s outlook improved, and gave them an additional nine months longer than usual to exercise stock options. This allowed Cisco to maintain ties to its talent pool. A Gingrich plan increases the cost of government while robbing employers of investments made in personnel. Gingrich’s plan appeals to the naïve. It’s an embarrassment they have such influence in their party, but look who really controls them: Big business in the form of the Koch Brothers. The effects of a corporate education are on display within our country.


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