Tax dollars hard at work

This month’s topic of discussion here at the TeachersCount blog is equitable funding. Whenever there is a discussion involving money, strong opinions will exist. I hope today’s point of discussion will elicit some good conversations in the comments.

One thing that often irks me is when people complain about supporting public schooling with their tax dollars when they have no children, their children are grown, or they have chosen to send their children to a non-public school. Some people bemoan the fact that they are not utilizing the service of public education for which they are paying. I am baffled at this opinion.

Whether you have put children through the public schooling system or not, you have benefited from it. Public schools are educating young minds and preparing them to be the future business leaders, scientists, doctors, politicians, grocery store clerks, and police officers of the world in which we all live. Are you not benefiting from the services of your fellow citizens? You surely are.

The real cost of an education does not lie in how many tax dollars you pay to support your public school system. But are you willing to show support for the public school system that is tasked with the education of the youth of our nation?

The true benefit of an education is seen when we graduate students who are prepared and capable to live, work, and lead in the world in which we all live.



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