Why I Write

Why I Write

Teachers today have become America’s whipping post. Educators are blamed for not producing children who can graduate and fill the jobs America has. We are blamed for poor academic performance, for the dysfunctional state our schools are in. In short, all of the ills the United States faces are increasingly blamed on teachers.

I write because teachers are the solution, not the problem. Teachers acting in unison not because someone told them to, but because their heart instructs them to take action that will benefit the children we teach, the future of our country, and our own self fulfillment personally and professionally.

While I wish everyone a joyous holiday and Happy New Year, I really wish that every one experiences fulfillment: That we engage those who disagree with us and provide the insight necessary so that children benefit.

I really am worried about the future of our country.  Our educational system is turning towards one based on religion rather than separation of church and state. We see this in vouchers and charter schools, while unions which made it possible for teachers to enter the middle class are under threat.  We as teachers need to take action. Collaboration makes everything better. My wish for 2012 is that educators can finally get it together and obtain the policies and funding we need to be successful, so that America can be successful.


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