Portfolios as Assessment Tools

Student assessment is always a hot topic in education. There are many questions surrounding the topic of assessment: 

How should assessment factor into teacher performance?

What kinds of assessment do we use in the classroom?

How do we ensure that the assessment pieces we are using match the standards we are teaching?

Teachers struggle with these questions every day. 

I have mentioned on this blog before that my school has implemented standards-based grading and report cards this school year. One thing we have implemented in order to help us match our assessments with the standards are standards grading sheets attached to every assessment done in the classroom–whether that be a test or a project. The standards grading sheet lists the standard that applies to specific questions on the test or specific portions of the project and the point value given to each question or area of the project that is being assessed. There is also an area for the teacher and the student to offer comments on the work. These grading sheets are then placed in the students’ portfolios to monitor and track progress throughout the school year. We have found them to be an invaluable tool to monitor our students’ assessment and to have them reflect on their learning.

What do you use to monitor assessment in your classroom? Share in the comments.


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