Taking a Shot at Cross-Curricular Instruction

My junior high is just like most schools in the nation. We all teach in self-contained classrooms and much of the time, we close the door.

I’m used to having adults in my other classroom, where in the afternoons I teach writing and arts in juvenile corrections. There the door is always open and bright windows circle the classroom–and facility staff feel free to come on in and join the fun.

This year, I’ve decided to take the bull by the horns (mixing metaphors, I know, bulls, taking shots, oh well) and ask my junior-high colleagues to send me their curriculum maps, especially since we are beginning to use the common core standards for the very first time. I want to see if I can design some art projects to go along with what their teaching.

So far, I’ve seen that the common core actually suggests artworks to correspond to literature. I’m using those to do a similar project. For example, “narrative” is one of the first subjects in the common core and the examples are narrative paintings.

Well, we can do that!

Last week, when we were making handbound books a la Laurie Gatlin, we did our measurements with metrics, the current science project.

True, my small efforts may make little impact in the long run, but on the other hand, I like to think of these young teens making connections throught the school day.


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