Dumb and Dumber

History is a broad word. There is African American History, Native American History, United States History etc. etc. In college one studies the history of their chosen field, History of Psychology, History of Computing, History of Art. We need to understand how we got here in order to move forward. It seems many of our nation’s leaders have not studied History of Economics. Not surprising since Sarah Palin doesn’t didn’t even know who Paul Revere was.

Look where we are. Our nation is in trouble having just fought two wars, our finances are depleted. Many elected leaders want a balanced budget, cut spending. In 1928 with economic problems on the horizon, Herbert Hoover did just that, cut spending and balanced the budget. The result was the worst economic depression in our nation’s history. Why would we repeat that mistake? Don’t blame the politicians. We elected them.

We learn history so we don’t repeat its mistakes, yet history, the only subject we each live every day is not a tested subject. The message students get is history doesn’t matter, and that is why generation after generation makes the same mistakes over and over. So one can infer I favor testing for History but that is not the case. We’ve seen the results of standardized testing, no likes them. In that sense they’re almost like politicians. Let’s not repeat that mistake. (If Michael Myers were called in to save education he’d say: “Rubrics Baby”).

So who is dumb the politicians or the ones who elected them, and whoever is dumb the other is dumber. There it is, proof our schools have failed. If we were successful our choices would be smart or smarter. Let’s hope we all get smart by 2012.


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