Standards are like Ice Cream

My wife and I went for Ice Cream the other day. We each ordered a single scoop on a sugar cone. She ordered Moostracks and I Mint Chocolate Chip. According to standards each cone should have had the same amount of ice cream. Mine was served by a shorter girl who had to reach further into the ice cream tub while the taller physically stronger girl easily scooped my wife’s ice cream onto the cone. The result was my wife had more ice cream and waited a shorter amount of time for her treat.

Students all have the same text books, the same assignment, yet produce different results. Standards are important, but don’t expect everyone to perform at the same level. The level of performance is decided by the performer. The bottom line is I enjoyed my ice cream as much as my wife enjoyed hers. Since it was hot out, mine dripped less. So who really performed to the higher standard?



2 thoughts on “Standards are like Ice Cream

  1. This is a very stupid analogy. Before standards, there could be two English teachers, one who assigned NO writing and another who assigned weekly writing assignments for the same class and the same level — happened in my son’s class — 8th grade honors English. The more a teacher assigns, the more he or she has to grade AND students are probably going to like the teacher who assigns nothing. Your ice cream analogy is lame!

  2. Your right is was lame. But you made my point for me very nicely. The one who gave less ice cream met the same standard. I would suggest I was the happier customer since none of my ice cream was wasted and I didn’t have to use stain stick on my shirt to get it clean.
    Rubrics are a much better tool for assessment.

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