Four letter words

I avoid using those foul four letter words as a whole, lest they slip into my conversation while teaching. Yet the most foul of all four letter words is the secret to success in life. TIME. We seem never have enough of it, struggle to use it well, sometimes just sit and do nothing when we do have it.

Another dreaded four letter word is plan. When we plan, it’s because we are about to do something difficult. It won’t work out well unless we plan. To be a self-fulfilled person, proud of one’s accomplishments we must plan.

I truly hope all teachers plan to enjoy this summer. Keep in mind though what others are planning for you. Both parties are planning their presidential campaigns. This fall Arne Duncan congress have a plan under way to change education.  Their plans will affect your time. “No Child Left Behind” is bad and “Race to the Top” is worse.

Lets  not let these fools decide how our time should be spent.


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