We are winning

The momentum is shifting. I can tell by the amount of articles I am now reading which condemn standardized high stakes testing.  The latest was in the June 8th edition of Education Week. The front page headline read, “Panel Finds Few Learning Benefits in High Stakes Exam.” Shortly thereafter I read a letter from Diane Ravitch exposing several so called miracle school reforms. The tide is turning and the amount of rational education articles now outnumbers the irrational ones by 3-1 (by my own experience).  Educators are writing that the home environment is the largest single factor affecting education outcomes, that the real competition is in curriculum development, not the teacher in room 302 against the teacher from room 301.

We need to stay active. It appears we are at halftime and each team will come out with new strategy. The right will be well funded, have lobbyists, and use fear as a tactic. We teachers have unions, who like lobbyists are not trusted by the average citizen. But we the teachers are the trusted voice in education. Our voices and our keyboards are our only weapons. Keep them busy this summer.


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