Teacher Going on a Trip

We saved our pennies and we’re going on a trip: two weeks near Laguna Beach. Oh joy!

But before we go, we have to clean out the car. I heard Click and Clack on Cartalk say that of all the people in the world, teachers have the messiest cars. At least, I think that’s what I heard. Anyway, I’d qualify, especially since I’m an art teacher that must carry stuff between schools.

Here is what I found in my car:

  • two coffee mugs (dishwasher ready 🙂 )
  • one thermos for water
  • one broken turquoise necklace (fell off and broke in the junior high art room)
  • three long plastic tapestry needles
  • a set of pastels (chalk, not oil, thank goodness, in the hot car)
  • two old to-go coffee cups
  • seven pencils
  • one scattered  box of push-pins
  • crumbs from January’s coffee-cake disaster
  • nutshells from March’s field trip
  • two dried-out water containers from May’s public-art project
  • three stray crayons (unmelted, thank goodness)
  • two armloads of classic movies, including “CasaBlanca,” “Invictus,” and “Girl with a Pearl Earring” (the list goes on…)
  • two armloads of faculty-meeting notes (gone to the trash)
  • three district professional-development books (gone to the back of the bookshelf for now) (not to the trash) (though I would if I thought I could)
  • two small pencil sharpeners
  • a stack of watercolor paper
  • two art journals (mine)
  • a box of journal markers (also mine, refer to “oh joy! for the upcoming trip)
  • an old school sweatshirt
  • and various unidentified nutshells and crumbs
  • four half-empty water bottles, commercial

Well, that’s most of it. There were chapstick and chewing gum and coffee sticks and ugh! a half-eaten apple.

I’m washing and vacuuming as I go, and my Impala is almost ready for the two-day drive and two-week delight.

Click and Clack were right, I’m afraid. A teacher’s car, and especially an art teacher’s car, may be the worst of the lot.


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