End of School Draaaag

School’s out here in rural Utah.

I actually had a great year, full of lovely kids and interesting experiences.

You want to know what was the longest part of the whole year? The last two days.

I served on the committee to set up the ninth-grade graduation tea, which is really just a long awards ceremony. There I was with three other resistant teachers, setting up tablecloths and mixing punch.

We did make some headway toward sanity this year. This awards ceremony in the past had grown past three hours, and everyone walked away shell-shocked. Our little committee worked with administration and faculty to pare it down. Well, it went just over two hours when we’d planned for an hour and a half, but it was an improvement.

Yes, sitting through the ninth-grade awards and then the eighth and then the seventh…these hours were longer than any of the hours in the year that I could remember.

It’s always a question. We want our students to cherish their school years, but all these awards seem a bit of a muchness. Do we need to keep awarding and awarding? Can’t we just send them on to high school?

Never mind: it’s over and vacation has started. I’ve had four straight days without the alarm, and I’m finding my own personal way through the hours now. Bless summer vacation!


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