Can the School District of Philadelphia Save Itself

With a $629 million dollar deficit, with supporters of Dr. Ackerman calling politicians racist and many others calling Dr. Ackerman racist, a recent expose´ on school violence where the person in charge of discipline insinuated it was the pregnant teachers fault that a boy punched her in the stomach, whether or not the School District of Philadelphia can save itself is a pertinent question. On top of this, a bruhaha is developing over improperly awarded contracts.

Politicians have taken a liking to running schools. Dr. Ackerman to her credit, recently took one away from a company with close ties to a politician. The company had failed in ten years to create improvements. In the meantime, the Chair of the School Reform Commission, technically Dr. Ackerman’s boss, has been found to have met privately to save the school for the politicians closely associated firm. The School Reform Commission’s law firm represents the company (closely associated to the politician). The chairmen met with the politician and the firm which recently won the contract to run the school. The new firm then backed out. The school was given back to the politician, but the company has since backed out citing hostility on the part of the community members who make up the school: The ones who elected the politician in the first place.

The chairmen of the School Reform Commission (SRC) has stepped in it. The SRC recently gave a brand new publicly paid for school to another charter school operator represented by, you guessed, the law firm of the SRC Chairmen.

It’s a good thing the state stepped in to take over the School District of Philadelphia to insure fiscal responsibility and safe, improved schools for our children to attend.


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