Eventually They’ll Be Public Schools

An article in the New York Times documents how education reform imperils the progress of public schools. The article points out the progress a public school is making in a very tough neighborhood, and how that progress is endangerd by a Charter school set to open. That Charter School will not take ELL students, LD students, or behavior problems. Eventually some smart politician will notice public tax dollars must be used to educate all public children. When that happens, Charter Schools will no longer be able to cream top students who have educationally concerned parents, as this article now notes is happening. Charter Schools will be required to provide instruction to ELL students and LD students. Vouchers, if they happen, will require private schools to take public accountability tests. Private schools will then also be required take in ELL and LD students. If we listen to today’s reformers all of our schools will soon be public schools.

So tell me who is naive: Today’s reformers, or concerned citizens who advocate for delivering needed services to children in today’s public schools?

If we fix our schools today, meet the needs of students and eliminate ideologues, we can skip debate and make real change.


4 thoughts on “Eventually They’ll Be Public Schools

  1. Everything you said is basically coming out little by little.
    Did you know that the percentage of students who applied for specialized high schools, and got in, in NYC, was higher in the public schools than in the charter schools?
    I have been a NYC teacher for 21 years, and my kids are in the NYC school system, and although everyone wants to blame the teachers, it basically comes down to parents! Educate the parents, make them responsible for their children’s actions, and you will have students who do well in schools! Why do children, in general, perform better? It’s because their parents take an interest in their child’s education.
    I firmly believe that most of the teachers are good teachers, but how much can they do when they have students who are disrespectful to them, PARENTS who are disrespectful to them, students who do not do their homework, and do not care whether or not they pass? Make the students and the parents accountable, and you will have a GREAT system!!!!

  2. The charter movement will only continue to expand…you have it backwards and your rhetoric is not accurate. Explain Mastery in Philadelphia. They are not “creaming”. Same kids, same neighborhoods…better results. Centralized urban education is dead, bureaucrats and teachers (and their unions) just don’t know it yet.

    • And where does Mastery get their money from? The public trough. And when Public schools close and Charter Schools expand some parent somewhere who has a special ed kid who was denied entry to a Charter School will sue. then Charter Schools will have to take special ed kids. Then they’ll have to take ELL kids. Then they won’t be able to expel kids……. and guess what, they’ll be just like public schools. There is a reason why outside of the urban areas charter schools do not outperform public schools. That being said, read my post from this week (4/22) and you’ll see why I believe Charter Schools will soon dominate in Philly. Who can blame parents for wanting to send their kid to a safe school where children come first, not the career aspirations of the administrator.

  3. It is true enough here in rural Utah. This year, federal funding was replaced by district funding for our charter school. Already the results show that the charter school is much inferior to the public schools, yet they are draining the district funds which are limited as it is. Charter schools are a slick and easy answer to a complex set of problems, but in the end, they’re not a particularly good answer, at least here in the sticks.

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