Why He is Sorry He’s a Teacher…

National Hall of Fame Educator, Alan Haskvitz, writes an amazing blog on why he regrets having become a teacher:


His points are poignant and pointed. You must read this one!

And he doesn’t even address the thing that is on almost every teacher’s mind these days:

What will Obama’s Department of Education put in place, in place of No Child Left Behind? Will we remain slaves to the inadequate, inappropriate, downright bullying of high-stakes testing? Can no one see past how ludicrous it is to use student test scores to evaluate teachers? to establish the effectiveness of principals? to ensure the survival of local public schools themselves?

Surely politicians–who hold the purse strings to education–must give way to more educated thinking. We are educating students for a lifetime of learning, not a moment in time, a high-stakes test, that wields such power over all of us.


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