ArtBooks a la Laurie Gatlin

Laurie Gatlin was the keynote speaker at our recent Utah Art Educators Conference. She was amazing! You can see some of her work here: She calls this work sketchbooks, but I have called them ArtBooks to distinguish them from my students’ sketchbooks.

We made them according to her directions. You divide 4 large watercolor sheets lengthwise and fold them in half for pages–eight pieces total. Then you use well-diluted acrylic paint and sponges to quickly pass over the pages to tint them. Arrange them in signatures of four each and bind them with Coptic stitch. Add covers (she used canvas boards but I didn’t have that many so I used mat board cut to size) by gluing them on front and back.

These ArtBooks are so inviting and so beautiful. For my first assignment, I asked the kids to do something, anything, related to music. Soon they were doing packing-tape transfers (cool!) and acrylic-paint transfers, doing drawings, writing beautiful text (song lyrics) and just having a great time.

Thanks to Laurie Gatlin for a big project with ongoing fun, challenges, and benefits!


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