they hate me, well maybe not


Two of them attend my class less often than my room mice. Plaster falls from the ceiling more often than they turn in work. But in a crisis, they ameliorate so no one has to kick butt.

One of my best young men opened his mouth and said the wrong thing. They made him say the right thing. I can trust them in my room, the hallway, with my behavior problems. I can trust them to be straight with me when I need advice, yet I have given one an F, suspended another, and informed the parent for a third of my disappointment in their work habits.  Why they choose to hang in my room I have no idea. About my laziest kid, school wise is cleaning all my desks without even being asked.

I guess somewhere I’m doing the right thing.  The gay kid has always hung around because he knows my room is safe from harassment. Now many of the usual suspects hang here and they help kids work out their problems. The frequent flyers, the disrupters, and together they create peace in my room. Maybe I should try teaching during lunch when their peers can’t spot them being “normal.”


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