Back to School Tips for Parents

It is hard to believe it is already August and time to gear up to go back to school! Although I do think Target started to get ready for back to school at the end of June!

When we talk about back to school time, we often hear about tips for students and, of course, tips for teachers. We rarely come across tips for parents. But I did come across this back to school list for parents from PBS that I’d thought I’d share.

Check it out here!

What are your back to school tips?

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Take Your Kids Outside!

It is so important to make sure kids get outside playtime. 

I loved this article from the National Wildlife Foundation on Connecting Kids to Nature in the Digital Age.

Bridging the gap between the indoors and the outdoors is a great idea for helping kids connect with nature.

Check out the article here

How do you get your kids to experience the outdoors? 

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Summer Break Activities

Here are some activities to partake in this summer to keep the learning rolling!

  • Visit your local library. Libraries have summer reading programs and other activities, both literacy-based and other educational programs.
  • Read! Let your kids read books of their choice during the summer months. Likely, they’ll have less time for choice books during the school year.
  • Visit a museum. Many museums have free days or you can find a museum pass at your local library.
  • Cook with your children. Engaging them in the cooking process incorporates science, nutrition, math, and reading. Cooking is a fun and tasty activity to do together!

What other activities do you recommend for the summer months?

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Google Summer Camp

Another company has entered the summer learning game. Google’s summer learning camp started today, July 13, but you can jump in anytime. The free online learning camp is full of science activities and adventures. It is important to keep the learning active during the summer months, so that kids are ready for school come fall.

Check out the Google Summer Camp here

Any other ideas for keeping the learning active during the summer months?

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Summer Brain Games

Keeping students’ brains active over the summer months is crucial to retaining learning and preparing for the learning to come the following school year.

Chicago’s Museum of Science and Industry has a neat online program that outlines weekly science experiments and challenges kids and their parents can complete at home. I’ve used some of these challenges in the classroom as well.

Register on their website at and you even get a free ticket to the Museum!

What are you doing to keep up the summer learning?

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Summer Learning Activities

Keeping the learning fresh and alive in the summer months is the key to preventing the dreaded summer slide.

I came across some great tips on the Education World website that I would like to link you to!

Check out the tips here.
Any other ideas?

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Preventing the Summer Slide

Research says that over the summer months, students will lose some of the learning they achieved during the school year. The number one way to prevent this summer slide is to encourage and foster reading in your children and students!

Here are some tips for fostering a love of reading with your children:

1. Make frequent trips to the library. Libraries have a wealth of resources from story times and summer reading programs to other literacy programs. Kids (and adults, too!) can check out as many books as they’d like. And remember, it is all FREE!

2. Make sure your kids see you reading! Show your children that reading is fun and something adults do as well. Have books and magazines around your room to foster that reading environment.

3. Encourage your children to find books with subjects they enjoy. Don’t force your children (especially during the summer months) to read books they do not like. It is okay to abandon books and find a new one. 

Visit the Reading is Fundamental website for a few more tips.

What are your tips for preventing the summer slide?

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